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Week 4:
Triggers & Trauma

Below you will find a list of triggers that can initiate the sequence of thoughts, cravings, and behaviors (like drinking or using drugs) that we have been reviewing.

Remember that internal triggers are just what they sound like; they are emotions inside of you. External triggers, on the other hand, are cues that are external to you—such as places, people, or situations that you have come to associate with drinking or using. Internal Triggers: Depression, Loneliness, Happiness.
In this exercise, we focus on four types of external triggers: people, places, situations or activities, and things.

Under each category, place a check mark beside the triggers that apply to you, and place a star next to those that come up repeatedly for you.
Spouse or significant other
Family members
Coworkers or bosses
List of people who trigger me:
Bars or clubs

Friends’ houses (list those friends here):
School or work
Neighborhoods or freeway exits
Other places that are triggers for me:
Situations or Activities

Parties (or other gatherings at which you meet new people)
Holidays or other special occasions
When home alone
When dining out
Before or during a date
Waking up in the morning
After work or school
Other situations or activities that are triggers for me:

Stashes of alcohol or drugs in the house
Paraphernalia associated with drinking or using (favorite shot glasses or wine glasses, bongs, rolling paper, pipes, or other objects used as part of rituals when getting high)

Other things that are triggers for me

Beer Tap

Identifying triggers

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