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Week 12:
Relapse Prevention

Action Plan

This becomes your go-to for when you feel things are starting to look like they used to. We have learned how to attain a goal and how to set healthy boundaries as well as recognizing where are values lie. These tools all work together to form what is referred to as your personal ACTION PLAN. 

What does an action plan look like?

What is the problem? We first identify what was the habit or behavior we would like to see change. 

  • Was I spending little time with my family and obligations and more time with other people?

  • Was I spending too much money and creating a stressful imbalance that alcohol or drugs helped me?

  • Was I unable to communicate feelings in my relationships that would lead me to drink or use drugs? 

  • Or did I just like drinking? So much that it caused me my current legal problems?

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