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This is a state course, which is alotted 3 hours, BUT you are typically dismissed after 2 hours.

These classes meet Sat/Sun @ 9am for 6 weeks beginning with the start date indicated.


After you pay, you will get a receipt in your email that says "thank you for your order". There will be a button that says DOWNLOAD, click it. These are your ZOOM instructions, your handouts and class instructions as well as your instructor contact info.


All education classes require online registration and payment prior to attendance. You will not be allowed to register the day of the class. You must have the ability to access electronics that have video and auditory capability. You will be required to be on screen during the entire class.​


Classes will be conducted via Zoom.


Class has specific instructions to follow. Please prepare ahead of time.


You may access the class via laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone with camera.


You must physically remain in front of your computer, tablet, phone with your face visible during the duration of the class.


You must be on time. You will be placed in the “Zoom waiting room” and admitted into class. If you enter the waiting room AFTER the class session begins, you will not be able to join the class.


Absences are not permitted. If you miss a class session, you must retake the course from the beginning. There are no "make-up" sessions. This is a regulation issued by the State of Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation. If it is necessary for you to retake the course, you will be required to pay the course fee again. No refunds will be allowed.

ONLINE - DWI Intervention/Repeat Offender - 32 hours (6/22 @ 9am YR)

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