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Where do I set the bar? by Amanda

I have heard it said expectations are resentments waiting to happen. I thought about this saying for a few days and came to the realization it was true for me. When I place an expectation on someone and they fail to meet the expectation or dont deliver in some way, I become resentful or angry. For one is the other person even aware that this expectation has been placed on them? For two Is it even fair for me to place an expectation on someone? I can not place an expectation on someone and then myself get resentful or angry when it's my very own expectation. When I allow myself to make an expectation and it's not met it takes my serenity level down and creates a wall or barrier with me and the other person. When I don't do this it allows the other person to be exactly who they are and my serenity level goes up.

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