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The Power of a Word by Amanda

The word choice is such a powerful and extraordinary word. I can choose to do anything I want but not everything that I choose to do is for the edification of my character. Unfortunately, labels are put on others and this is the world we live in. Labels such as "addict", "convict" or "felon". I can choose to be offended by these labels or I can choose to walk in the labels I put on myself which are "victorious", "overcomer", and "restored". The choice of what labels I walk in our mine. It is the labels I am most offended by that I should probably go do soul searching on within myself to see why. Am I offended because I have chosen to walk in this label placed by others? If I have chosen to walk by the label then it is time for me to choose a different way and label to walk in.

The choice remains and has always remained mine how and what I choose to walk in.

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