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The Journey of Life by Chevas

Invest in you and enjoy the journey of life. It's yours to create the changes you seek. It takes work, dedication and an attitude of willing to walk through it all even at its hardest. Find your comfort in being free from anything that holds you back from being YOUR best YOU - for me that is alcohol - and being ok along the way with being uncomfortable & awkward & transparent & unapologetic about it ALL!

Each day is about learning new things, relearning old behavior and shaping it into behavior we are proud of, don't spend too much time reflecting on the mistakes, instead spend time on learning from them. Making mistakes is a part of life, how we handle them is part of what makes us who we are. I make a TON of mistakes ALL the time but I am learning to embrace looking at each of them with transparency so I can change what does not make me proud.

Experienced suggestion: make a visual gratitude board to remind yourself to keep loving YOU through the mistakes, making amends and standing in truth.

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