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Life as a Journey by Amanda

Things in life will happen. I can be rest assured of that. I do not have to look at situations that happen as hindrances or obstacles but rather opportunities. Before, when things would happen it would send me into a downward tailspin with a bad attitude. My emotions would be in such disarray that I would go seek out anything to fill that void or make things "better" which was usually men and drugs, only making things worse. Now I have the attitude of looking at my refrigerator breaking down as an opportunity for people to come together from my community to help me carry my old one down three flights of stairs and then give me a used one. What a blessing for people to come together to help little bitty me. When my car broke down I got the opportunity of helping my dad hoist it up with tow straps onto a flatbed truck to take it to a mechanic . What a bonding experience for me and my dad, seeing how we haven't had a relationship in some time that to was an opportunity. When my car broke down and I could no longer make it to work I decided I would walk door to door within my condo complex and pass out business cards to clean condos. In doing the right thing I landed a job making 25 an hour working at a place recording rail cars carrying wheat and grain to feed third world countries. When I set out to do the right thing, looking at my situation as opportunities rather than obstacles and maneuvering through them with a grateful attitude, good things wait on the other side.

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