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Agree to Disagree by Amanda

I am learning that disagreements are a part of life. I am learning to welcome them. Disagreeing with a person has gotten such a bad connotation nowadays and I believe it is because people have lost the ability to disagree responsibly or respectfully. By people, I mean me as well because I am learning also how to do this appropriately. If everyone agreed, there would be no need for conversation. We would walk around with the same mindset and have no need to talk things out or listen to another persons perspective. To disagree fair should always be my aim. To listen to another and try to seek to understand there position. It does not mean I will always change my position but hey I just might because I was taught to look at it another way. Whats even better is if we are both able to see it in a different way and come to understand each other. Even if I don't, see things the other persons way, I can always respect the other persons position and love them anyway regardless of the disagreement and position we may each hold.

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