Peer Coaching



                 Peer Coaching was introduced into Discovery’s continuum of treatment and education as an outlet to clients who were not in communication with anyone in the field due to circumstances that could include: case awaiting court date, in between treatment, completed treatment, completed education, maintenance and support. Peer Coaching combines Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavior Therapy as well as Mediation techniques and plans to assist the client in a smooth transition into recovery, abstinence or overall life management. The client is not obligated to any number of sessions and the sessions are at 1-hour increments. The goal of Peer Coaching is to keep the client engaged in a plan to succeed after their experience with the Criminal Justice system.

Any information disclosed during Peer Coaching cannot be shared with any personnel other than Discovery professional staff and is kept confidential; if at any time pertinent information is shared with the Coach that could possibly harm the client or any other person, proper reporting will take place with the appropriate officials. Peer Coaching at Discovery is NOT Legal support, Treatment or Education.

The timeline of Peer Coaching is at the discretion of the Coach and the client.


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