Barbara Holguin, B.A., M.S., LCDC-I

Barbara is a facilitator for both the DWI Intervention Courses as well as the DWI Education Courses. She began her career in Criminal Justice after obtaining her Bachelor's Degree of Arts in Behavioral Science from University of Houston- Clear Lake. Employed with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice - Parole Division was her first taste of working with the population she had studied in college. After 2.5 years, Barbara moved on to the Harris County Criminal Courts and Supervision Department where she supervised Sex Offenders, Specialized Caseload: DWI and worked in the courts as a Liaison Officer. These positions offered Barbara the ability to attend DWI conferences and participate in Harris County's very own Sober Court. At which time Barbara also returned to school to complete her graduate degree in a Master's of Sociology from University of Houston - Clear Lake. During her final works in school she was able to publish her research on the rehabilitation and recidivism of homeless juveniles, which can today be found in some college textbooks. With this degree she also taught at San Jacinto Community College in the evenings to incoming freshman on the Introduction to Sociology.  After 10 years of service Barbara left Harris County, where her final position was in the CAST unit conducting TRAS assessments. Her new full time job was a welcoming position as a stay at home mom. But that did not last very long, it was difficult for her to stay away from the field she was so passionate about. She soon began teaching again but in the capacity of a DWI Instructor. Still wanting the flexibility to be with her children and continue in the Criminal Justice field, the creation of Discovery came about. 

Julie is one of two LCDC counselors that Discovery utilizes for SALCE evaluations. Julie has over 7 years of experience in the field of Substance Use Disorder. She started at Memorial Herman Prevention and Recovery as an intern. She studied Liberal Arts, Human Services and Equine Science. Julie is a member of Texas Association of Addiction Professionals. In her spare time she enjoys horseback riding. 

Her passion to reach individuals or groups of people suffering from the disease of addiction continues with her mobile counseling service, Challenging Changes Counseling. She is able to meet the needs of her clients which often times have limited resources and are faced with challenges that affect their access to services they deserve. Julie is able to meet this need with the services she offers: Assessments, Intake, Treatment Plans, Group, Individual and Family Counseling, Parenting classes, SASSI.  For more information please contact at 713-454-2314. 

Raleesia Elmore, B.S., M.A., LCDC-I

RaLeesia Elmore is transitioning from the insurance industry.  She has been with the company for one year.  She holds an lcdc-intern, Dwi education, Dwi intervention, and drug offender certifications.  since being with company, RaLeesia has participated in salce and sassi trainings.  Raleesia holds bachelors degree in sociology from university of Houston- clear lake and masters in counseling from prairie view university.   RaLeesia has experience in case management, crisis management, and mental health counseling. 

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